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In most warehouses, static storage systems still form the basis for the storage of goods. The man-to-the-goods principle is central to this strategy. The order pickers themselves have to get moving and remove the required items from the racks. Static storage systems, such as pallet racks, have the advantage that there are very wide limits with regard to the size, quantity and weight of the stored items. In addition, these theorems are generally flexible. They can be quickly mounted, expanded and moved. Discover the most common static storage systems on this page!

Platforms for your storage system

Platforms for your storage system

When your warehouse is growing, or when you want to organize your warehouse more efficiently, realizing a platform is a good solution for storing all your goods. A platform consists of a self-supporting, lightweight steel construction with a floor finish with different types of chipboard and/or metal grids, of which different finishes are possible. It creates extra space in height on the same surface.

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  • Stow

  • Bito

  • SSI Schäfer

  • Mecalux

  • Provost

  • Polypal

  • Jungheinrich

  • AR Racking

  • Meta

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