Relocation of industrial

Is your company moving or is a reorganization planned? Internal or external? Physical or digital? You have come to the right place at MDO Group! With years of experience and flexibility, no project is too crazy for us. Big or small. From a temporary warehouse to automation. We are always there for you. You can also consult us for advice. MDO is ready for you! Discover the possibilities on this page!


When moving your warehouse


If you have the time and manpower to tackle your moving project yourself, but do not have the necessary moving and warehouse tools, you can buy or rent them from us.

We offer, among other things:

  • Moving carts
  • Moving boxes (plastic, cardboard)
  • Moving containers (steel)
  • Pallet trucks
  • Binding material (steel, plastic, cotton)
  • Measuring equipment (GeoMax laser, dimension scanner, photo box, scale)
  • Label printer & labels

With our moving carts it is very easy to move your goods clearly from place A to B and/or to create a temporary warehouse by copying the goods on your storage systems to the shelves of the moving cart.

These 'mobile racks' consist of a base, 4 uprights and a number of shelves of your choice. Each mobile rack can bear a total load of 1000 kg (150 kg per shelf) and the height of the levels can be determined by yourself.

In this way, your daily operation will not be hindered and your goods will remain available for consultation during the move.

Approach & preparation <span>while moving your racks</span>

Moving your racks is a big job. Of course you want this move to go smoothly and safely. MDO knows exactly how! Discover here how we prepare your (industrial) removal projects down to the last detail. Our professionals are well trained and know exactly how to work. In addition, we also have the necessary materials such as moving carts and transport. With this thorough approach, we guarantee a successful relocation project without you having to worry.

Creation temporary <span>warehouse</span>

Is a move planned, but do you need temporary storage during this move? MDO Group realizes temporary warehouses with mobile shelving. This way you will have as little disruption as possible during your move and your daily operations will not be compromised. Discover the different options for setting up your temporary warehouse.

Automating <span> your warehouse</span>

Is your warehouse ready for the future? MDO Group supports your company in the transition from a static to a dynamic warehouse. For example, we assist you in filling these automated warehouses. For example with a vertical lift system. When you choose a relocation with the help of MDO Group, we help you with the warehouse of the future. Discover the possibilities for automating your warehouse.

Project support during <span>moving your warehouse</span>

Project support during moving your warehouse

Relocation of a company is a profession in its own right. Certainly when it comes to the project relocation of a logistics organization or a warehouse. Are you planning a move? And do you not have the manpower, the material or simply the desire to carry out the move yourself? Then it is good to know that MDO Move can unburden you with your project removal. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities!

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